The Blackened Essence (Promo 2013)

by Metastasis (Chile)



''The Blackened Essence'' (Promo 2013 )
Valor 1000 pesos


released August 1, 2013



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Metastasis Chile Quilpué, Chile

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Track Name: 01- The Essence That Precedes Death
The Essence That Precedes Death

From darkness
Falling in wrong hands
A book of spell
Unknown to man
Deformed body
Mentally conditioned
Twisted mind
Awakening his ambition!

He believes,
Taking this,
Path to become god,
Mortal men
with the essence that precedes death
Following words
Learning the rites
Fatal experiences,
Bring him the light

Human Aberration
Superior transformation
Genetic reconstruction
Rebirth into creator
In the night
He awakes
Searching for
victims to bring hate
Mortal men
With the essence that precedes death
‘’The rite begins with rapture
Taking the first born child
Bring him to the open fire, burn his soul with rotting flames
Her last breath is you desire, ecstasy you’ll feel again
Take her face
Her last breath!’’
Sacred ritual, is complete
In his mind, not perfectly
Perfect body, now deformed
Continuous killing, to become god
Track Name: 02- Blackened Omen
Blackened Omen

A devastating ritual to reveal, the dawn of the dead of this world
Sadistic machines that create life, crush the flames of hope
Creating a superior intelligence, with the aim to destroy and erase
‘’The world will burn by our hands as this nightmare begins to take place’’
Fate is Sealed, by death
forcing, the end
Of your, sick race
Agony and pain

Nervous exhaustion as this mental torture consumes your mind
No god or belief will save you while your souls is left behind
enchanted by evil spells, you will then resurrect as a follower
Infecting new way of lives, creating an undead new world order

This is, your end
Sacrifice, the undead
Born in, this hell
Anguish, Prevails
Suffering, burn in flames
In this, hellish maze
Trapped inside this torment you will fall!
Mortality, will take you away
Forming corpses, your life soon will end…
No one can escape this world of death
Your destiny lies in their hands
Soon you will be another one of us
chanting as the black sun absorbs the earth!